We are pleased to present you our collection of 2020. An edition in which the highlights of last year will be followed up appropriately. Talented sporthorses, exclusive embryos and of course a lot of foals from top Belgian dame-lines in which we as a committee believe.

BWFA also had to adapt to the current situation. The doors of the Sea Coast Stables will open again, albeit to a limited extent. Fortunately, one aspect has never been questioned: our focus on quality. Because regardless of the situation, investing in a good horse, foal or embryo has always paid off.

Within our network we have found six very talented sport horses. Horses that can perform in modern sport. And excel in rideability, blood and power. Rough diamonds that can be polished in the right place.

In the embryos, the current tendency has been strongly observed. Chacco Blue is of course 'hot' and investing in its offspring can be profitable in the short and long term. But internationally ranked mothers and grandmothers from Belgium's strongest dam-lines can be found in the pedigree of our embryo’s.

And then the foals, which form the basis of the BWFA, excel as always in type, balance, canter and can all present an interesting pedigree. Our future references are part of this collection. It will only be a matter of time before they make success on behalf of BWFA on the international competition fields.

We hope that this collection will charm you again. Because we, as the BWFA team, are proud to be able to present you with top quality in this adapted situation as well.